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  Shipping F.A.Q.'s

  • How much are your wedding cakes?
    The best answer to this question is for you to have a budget in mind. I use your budget as a guideline to design your cake and help you choose something that is customized for you. Because I am a home baker, I can afford to offer cheaper pricing beause I do not have a huge overhead to cover. My wedding cakes begin at $2.10 per serving. So, depending on the design, a cake for 100 guests would begin at $210. This would be a simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. This price configuration does include your anniversary tier in the servings. If you are hoping to save your top, aniversary tier, this will generally decrease the number of servings. Cakes with very complex designs can be significantly more. If the overall price sounds expensive, just remember a lot of time and preparation goes into creating every little detail on a finished cake. This work is all done by hand. Your wedding day is a one and only special day. You are buying a fine piece of art - the cake is the second most photographed item at the wedding, after the bride.
  • Are you licensed & and insured?
    Yes, I hold a current and state of Tennessee food handlers license, a local business/tax license/permit, and maintain business insurance.
  • Are your cakes made from scratch?
    Why absolutely yes! There is no other way to do it!
  • Do I need a cake stand & knife and server set?
    This is a personal choice. I do have a round silver and a round gold cake stand available for you to use free of charge. All I ask is that it is returned to me within 2 days of your event. Please provide me with the name and number of the responsible party who will return it to me in case you will be unavailable. I know I said free, and technically it is, but there is a refundable $25 fee charged up front should you request to use a stand. This is to cover the partial cost to replace the stand should it not be returned. You also may want to look into getting a knife & server set. Many brides prefer to purchase a fancy set. I can provide a clear plastic disposable set upon request.
  • Do you provide anniversary tiers?
    Yes. I also include a box to package it in for storage. However, brides have recently gotten in the habit of having the anniversary tier recreated for their one year anniversary. Please note that the anniversary tier cannot be included in the total servings if you are planning to save this tier. It is usually a 4"-6" cake, and not serving it will decrease the number of servings available to your guests by 4-8 servings.
  • Is there a cost for delivery?
    All wedding cakes must be delivered. I usually include free delivery if it is a simple drop-off and within 10 minutes of my shop. A couple of common spots that I've delivered to that fall in this zone is the East Memphis Hilton and the Tower Room, for example. Deliveries that fall outside the 10 minute zone begin at a flat rate of $1.19 per minute inside Memphis' city limits. For surrounding areas (i.e. out side the city limits and the tri-state area for Mississippi & Arkansas) there is a $1.50 per minute fee from Southeast Memphis, 38119. ​
  • Is there a set-up fee?
    Wedding cake set-up is $15 per hour. This fee is charged by the hour and is not prorated. The set-up cost usually is incurred when items have to be installed on the cake on-site (i.e. fresh flowers, joining piping (tall tiered cakes, cakes over 4 tiers), cake table set-up, etc...). However, all this is usually agreed upon before hand, and is included in your cake contract.
  • Can I order other goodies in addition to or in place of a wedding cake?
    Yes. I currently offer grooms cakes, cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzels, and more! Visit my flavor menu tab to see the full menu.
  • What happens if I have to cancel my order?
    This would be very unfortunate, and we're going to hope that this doesn't happen. However, in the unfortunate event that it does, I will refund the total you've paid less $75 up until a month before your wedding date. If for some reason you need to cancel after the month cut-off, I will refund the total cost less your 1/2 deposit.
  • Do you offer tastings and consultations?
    Yes, I do offer virtual cake consultations. I recommend ordering a cake tasting samplerbefore our session so that you already have in mind what flavors you'd like. The sampler comes with 12 slices of 6 cake and frosting paired options. This should be enough for you and your fiance to sample. If you want to conduct an open tasting, and desire to set up a people's choice party, I can definitely do that. Just contact me directly to set it up, (901)- 276-9750. If there is no aswer, please leave a voicemail, and I will call you back within 24 hours. *Please note, I will not be conducting people's choice tastings until after the public health crisis has ended with COVID-19*
  • How do I prepare for the tasting?
    Yes, there is a such thing as preparing for your tasting. This helps immensely. You may have no idea of what you want, so take some time to look at cakes on the internet, in wedding magazines, etc... If you have any special fabrics, bring a swatch, or a picture of your dress. I gain inspiration from these items. Decide if you want a groom’s cake. It can be as simple as a sheet cake with a sports logo or it can be more elaborate and say a lot about his personality. A groom’s cake (if it is a simple design) is a good way to meet the number of servings required. This is an especially good add-on if you want to save your aniversary tier. Decide how many servings you want. This usually corresponds to the number of guests at the reception, but can vary depending on whether you are having a seated dinner (where the cake is plated and served) or a dessert bar (where guests pick from a variety of desserts). Take a look at the servings guide to see different combinations. Decide if you want the cake to be of a certain size. For instance, do you want an espeically tall cake? Cakes can be made to look larger by using one or more dummy layers at the bottom. However, please note that although dummy tiers reduce the number of cake servings so cake is not wasted, dummy tiers take just as long to decorate as real cake tiers. Decide on fondant or frosting. Many designs can be done in either fondant or frosting. Some designs may require fondant. Fondant will also protect the cake to a limited degree if the wedding is outside. Please note: cakes overall do not do well in temperatures above 75 degrees. Have a budget in mind. I use your budget as a guideline to keep your consulation on track and help you choose something that is customized for you. Most of the wedding cakes I make fall between $400 and $700.
  • What happens during my tasting?
    I try to make sure the tasting is a pleasureable expereince, and I like to spend some time before hand getting an idea of your cake style. I encourage all brides who are planning to set up a tasting with me to complete the wedding cake quote inquiry tab on my website first. I like to come with some designs in mind, but we will defnitely talk through options as you give me ideas that fit with who you are. By the end of the appointment I like for you to have a pretty good idea of the design for your cake(s) and the price.
  • I want to order a cake, now what?
    Make your deposit. The deposit ensures that your cake will be made for your wedding date. Please see my order policy tab for details. If we talked about decorative items you'd like to include and are furnishing, such as a topper, ribbon, artificial flowers or gems, please make sure those items are available to be dropped off a month before your wedding date. Make sure I have all your contact information, especially a working email address!
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