Custom Cakes  F.A.Q.'s

Are your cakes made from scratch?

Why absolutely yes! There is no other way to do it!

How much are your cakes?

Custom cakes come with a custom price. When you are requesting a customized cake, the two biggest factors that determine the price are the number of servings you need in order to feed guests at your event and the intricacy of your cake's design & flavor combination. Knowing your budget and being realistic about your budget also helps. On average my customers spend a minimum of $135.

How long does a cake stay fresh?

In general, most cakes will stay fresh at room temperature for up to 5 days. However, bare in mind that if your cake contains fresh ingredients such as strawberries, carrots, etc...they will need to be refirgerated. If you choose to refrigerate your cake, it is suggested you wrap it well or it will dry out.

How do I prepare to pick-up my cake?

Before arriving, please be sure there is a flat space available on a floor board of your car or a flat trunk space in an SUV to transport your cake to it's destination safely. You will also need to make sure the inside of your vehicle is cool. Please make sure you have run all errands and are prepared to go straight to your destinantion with your cake. Leaving a cake in a hot car spells trouble, even for a few minutes. It will melt. In the same respect, refrigerating a cake that has fondant or gumpaste decorations sticking up or out can cause them to wilt from the condensation upon removing the cake from the refrigetator. If you do not remove the decorations, OR you do not present and serve your cake as soon as it is removed from the fridge, you run the risk of this happening.

Is there a cost for delivery?

I usually include free delivery if it is a simple drop-off and within 10 minutes of my shop. A couple of common spots that I've delivered to that fall in this zone is the East Memphis Hilton, the Tower Room, Prive, for example. Deliveries that fall outside the 10 minute zone begin at a flat rate of $1.19 per minute inside Memphis' city limits. For surrounding areas (i.e. out side the city limits and the tri-state area for Mississippi & Arkansas) there is a $1.50 per minute fee from Southeast Memphis, 38119.

Are your cakes kosher, halal, or adhere to specific dietary standards?

J's Cakes does follow kosher food guidlines according to biblical scripture. In most cases this also makes J's cakes meet halal guildlines as well. However, I cannot guarantee your cake will not come into contact with allergens for some people such as dairy, gluten, nuts, etc...